"Story Of My Life"

The Adventure Years

Dear Anthony,
when we decided to take a break from each other, it took a toll on me. You are one of the few people I’ve grown close with during my time in Korea and I felt like I was losing a very important part of my experience here. Thank you for messaging me when you needed me, because I needed you just the same.

Thank you for always being a position figure in our time together. Even though we both had those moments when all we did was complain (more you than me). You made me realize I could open up again and it was the best feeling in the world. I fell for you Anthony and it was nice knowing someone else could fall for me for a change. Well… the way you fell for me that is. 

I’ll never forget our nights playing final fantasy or crosswords/word games together. Laying there in the dark with my weird light that flickers even when off. Staring at my ceiling speaking of a whole lot of nothings. Or just watching you sleep when I’d wake up before you or go to sleep after you. All these things and so much more are things I’ll always remember, but I know we’ll see each other soon. So this isn’t a goodbye, but a see you later. We have the internet so we can still keep in touch and we’re not that far apart so we can visit each other. I’ll just miss the nights we lived so close and the nights we stayed up in each other’s company. When I think back on Korea, one of the memories that will always come to mind are the memories I made with you.

I love you you little dork. 
- J

Marion Cotillard photographed by Dancian for Marie Claire France (June 2014)
Marion Cotillard photographed by Dancian for Marie Claire France (June 2014)

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